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Daytona Beach Immigration Law-To Hire a Lawyer or Not?

The list of pros and cons on retaining an attorney to handle your legal matters could go on forever and for some issues an attorney is not necessary, but if you're planning on filing paperwork for Immigration purposes it is imperative you seek out an attorney.

If you are in or around the DeLand area and are considering filing a petition to bring over a relative, a fiancé, have family members visit through visitor visas, study in the United States, obtain a work permit or apply for Naturalization contact a DeLand Immigration Law Attorney.

Many individuals seek out the help of "immigration helpers" or clinics that advertise their ability to aide individuals in filing the proper documents. A vast majority of these businesses are not operated by licensed attorneys and can actually damage a person's chances of obtaining legal immigration status within the United States. For instance, we recently met with a client who had gone to one of these clinics. She was of Mexican descent and the representative of this clinic told her she would apply for asylum based on the conditions in Mexico. However, asylum is very difficult to achieve and almost never granted for Mexican citizens. By filing this Petition on her behalf, the clinic ended up putting her in a much worse situation because she had entered without inspection and did not qualify for asylum. She ended up being placed in removal proceedings and now faces deportation. If she had met with a qualified DeLand Immigration Lawyer from the beginning she would not be in the position of making an extremely difficult choice of leaving her two young children in the U.S. with family or having to take them out of school and back to the unknown in Mexico.

Now, many people may feel that if they access the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website and read how to file the paperwork themselves there is no need for an attorney, but consider this scenario. You have filed paperwork with USCIS, and then you move to another state and the immigration office originally handling your petition also moves. In the process of both of those relocations documentation can easily be misplaced, lost, forgotten or discarded. Having an attorney such as a DeLand Immigration Law Attorney will give you the peace of mind knowing that someone is tracking all of your information and staying on top of filing all the proper documents when changes occur.

Let us consider this final scenario: You were born in another country, let's say France, your family imigrates to the U.S. when you still are a baby and so the U.S. is now the only home country you know. You grew up with American traditions, customs, speaking English, in all aspects you are American. As an adult you decide you want to visit Africa; your parents are U.S. citizens and so you figure they must have filed the correct paperwork for you as well, after all you have a license and social security card. You access the Department of State's website to read up on the instructions for soliciting a passport and you realize you need a Naturalization certificate and certificate of citizenship. Now you are confused and this where a DeLand Immigration Law Attorney can help. We have the ability to determine whether or not the proper documentation for naturalization was filed on your behalf by your parents; obtain copies of the certificates and aide you in obtaining the passport.

Seeking out the help of a DeLand Immigration Attorney to handle your Immigration needs is a necessary investment if you want to be in the most advantageous position possible. Only a qualified and educated attorney can help you get to this position, which is why you should contact a DeLand Immigration Law Attorney today.