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Why a Child Custody Agreement is Vital

Whether you are a divorced parent trying to work out an agreement with your ex-spouse as to the care of your children, or an unwed couple that recently had a child but your relationship failed it is VITAL that you seek out a DeLand Family Law Attorney to help you in creating a Shared Parenting Plan.

Shared Planting Plans are in my opinion a must to deal with issues such as child support and time sharing. Time-sharing is the division of a minor's time between the parents. All plans or arrangements must specify the time the child will spend with each parent, who is responsible for any and all forms of support, health care, school related matters and any other activities the child partakes in. These plans lay down rules for the parents to follow and offer consistency for everyone involved. Simply put these shared parenting plans force parents to do what is in the best interest of their child. If one parent is not following the agreement the other parent can potentially file a motion for contempt and ask the Court to hold that parent accountable under the agreement. The previous mentioned items are only a small sample as to what is or can be included within Shared Parenting Plans. Each child is different and each family is different so these agreements can be tailored to fit the parties' needs.

A child's best interests is the primary concern of any parenting plan therefore the construction of the plan takes into consideration the history of the parents' relationship, the financial situation of each parent, past domestic violence issues, each parents' disposition, the reasonable preference of the child, the location of their home and school and many other factors.

When creating a parenting plan it is important that you understand what your rights are as a parent, the limitations of the law and how that extends to you and your relationship with your child. Too often parents that are uneducated in the Martial and Family Laws of the State of Florida enter into agreements that could inadvertently give up your rights as a parent, limit your influence in their lives and simply put are unfair to the parents and children. Even more detrimental, some parents attempt to raise a child without an agreement in place and that creates chaos for the parents and the children involved. Statistics say that almost 40% of children are born to unwed mothers.

In most cases mothers desperately need these agreements to ensure that they will have the assistance financially and otherwise from the father to raise the child and men need these agreements to ensure they are an instrumental part of their child's life and are allowed to legally develop a meaningful relationship with that child. There has to be rules and conditions so everyone is on the same page and held accountable and that is where a good Shared Parenting Plan comes into play. Please contact a DeLand Child Custody Lawyer today to help you start the process of creating Shared Parenting Plan for your child.