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Do You Have to Have an Attorney for Mediation?

There is no question that mediation is much different than traditional divorce. While divorce court often invokes visions of conflict and stress, mediation promotes communication between both spouses and is generally a much faster process. But because it is so different, how does a lawyer come into play and do you even need one at all?

The answer depends on your specific circumstances, however when it comes to divorce, you can't go wrong having someone on your side to provide legal counsel and years of hands-on experience. It all comes down to knowing what you need and choosing the right lawyer to meet those needs.

How can an attorney assist in the mediation process?

If you have a significant amount of assets or are concerned about your legal rights, an attorney may be especially advantageous. Their assistance can also be beneficial before agreeing to anything during mediation. For the most effective outcome, you must choose an attorney who is familiar with the mediation process and is committed to playing by the rules.

The basic premise of mediation is encouraging both spouses to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome on their own. This can be difficult for some attorneys to come to grips with, as it is the opposite of what they're used to. When selecting an attorney, decide whether you want counsel throughout the entire process or only in the days leading up to mediation.

Legal counsel during mediation can help you feel confident in the decisions you are making and avoid agreeing to anything that could later impact your future. Your lawyer can support you, essentially helping you navigate mediation.

Before you hire an attorney, consider asking them the following questions:

  • What is your experience with divorce mediation?
  • Do you have any training in mediation?
  • Do you support the mediation process?
  • What can I expect from you during mediation?

It is best to have realistic expectations before beginning mediation with your lawyer, so you're not let down halfway through. Choose an attorney you feel comfortable with and don't be afraid to ask numerous questions prior to hiring them.

At Buckmaster & Ellzey, our DeLand mediation lawyers have over a decade of experience and are uniquely equipped to assist you during mediation. Your needs are our biggest priority, so you can feel comfortable voicing your concerns every step of the way.

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