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Supreme Court Ruling of Same-Sex Marriages May Also Affect Family Law

The United States Supreme Court ruled on June 26th, 2015, that same-sex marriages would be legalized in all 50 states. The news shocked the nation as the country joined several others across the world who had already made similar legal mandates. Celebrants took to the streets alongside protestors who disagreed with the decision. The controversy was immediate and still sparks hot debate some weeks later. What few people are addressing are the changes that have occurred and may continue to occur to family law.

Big Changes Might Be Coming

Other than same-sex marriage becoming legal nationwide, so did same-sex divorce. Even though it might at first seem unfortunate, the ruling actually came as a much-needed relief for many same-sex married couples across the nation. Before the declaration, same-sex couples could only file for divorce in states that recognized their union. This meant that many were caught in marriages they wanted to end but could not because currently lived in a state that had banned same-sex marriage.

Additional issues that could affect family law stems from children of same-sex couples seeking divorce. In the past, mothers tended to have an advantage over child custody or child support claims. But in a relationship with no “gender-defined mother,” judges and lawmakers will be faced with new and difficult decisions.

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