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Top Things to Remember for Children When Going Through a Divorce

Most people who step into a divorce have just one other person on their minds: their spouse. This is pretty understandable, as the two spouses might be butting heads in the best case scenario. It is crucial, however, not to overlook the other members of the family that will be directly impacted by how the divorce pans out and finalizes, especially young children.

How to Help Your Kids Deal with Divorce

Children do not want to see their parents go their separate ways in any circumstance. For particularly young kids, the concept of divorce doesn’t even make sense and so it frightens them. For teenagers already dealing with heightened stress and angst, it can be another burden they just aren’t prepared to carry.

If you want to do all you can to help your kids through your divorce, remember these tips:

  • Stay connected: Above all else, you cannot get so wrapped up in your divorce procedure that you forget your kids are there. Save as much time as you normally spend with them as possible to show that while things are changing, the groundwork of your parenting will remain the same. Do not go overboard and swamp them with your attention, as this can push them away, especially if they are older.
  • Controlled honesty: You should never lie to your kids when you need to build their trust now more than ever. But that doesn’t mean they need every detail about why you are divorcing. Some matters will be incredibly private – don’t share them. The younger your kids are, the more you can simplify your reasoning without making things up.
  • Foresight: Talk about the most likely outcome of your divorce and how it pertains to your children, such as child custody, visitation, and living situations. Shaping a rough idea of what is to come on the horizon can make the transition that much easier for children. Just try to avoid making promises you won’t be likely to keep.

One of the sources that stresses out children during divorce is a general sense of uncertainty. If you are not confident with how your divorce is proceeding, your kids won’t be, either. To help remove the unknown and move forward with a positive outlook, talk to our DeLand divorce lawyers at Buckmaster & Ellzey. With more than 35+ years of collective legal experience, we have built a reputation for providing compassionate legal assistance backed by unmatched knowledge of divorce law.

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