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Understanding & Benefitting From Collaborative Divorce

For many people, the thought of divorce conjures images of heated arguments, lengthy and numerous courtroom sessions, and someone not getting what they wanted. But such a scenario is in no way guaranteed to be at the heart of a divorce. There are even ways to help avoid it, such as using collaborative divorce methods.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

You may already be aware of mediation, which is a divorce process that has one neutral attorney sit with both spouses to provide legal information and guidance that hopefully steers the couple away from complicated litigation and further stress. Collaborative divorce has similar groundwork – trying to avoid unnecessary complexities and troubles – but requires each spouse to have their own collaborative divorce attorney. In collaboration, the lawyers are also given more latitude to weigh in on topics of contention, rather than trying to remain totally neutral.

The collaborative process usually starts with each spouse meeting with their own attorney separately to discuss what they expect out of the divorce. Shortly after, a meeting will take place with all four people there. The mindset of “disagreement, not dispute” is encouraged and fair concessions are expected from both sides. Separate and group meetings then alternate until a divorce agreement is drafted that works for each spouse. Court is not completely avoided since the finalized divorce agreement will need to be approved by the court eventually, but collaboration makes it possible to have court intervention be a one-and-done situation.

If you want to convince your spouse that collaboration is the way to go, you may want to inform them of these benefits:

  • Temporary agreements can be created quickly to settle tension as the divorce proceeds.
  • All relevant information will be exchanged openly.
  • Legal expenses and delays will be minimized.
  • Post-divorce decisions can be discusses upfront and without surprise.
  • Less opportunity for disagreements to devolve into heated arguments.

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