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Love and Politics: When Politics Leads to Marital Strife

Politics has long been a common source of disagreement among friends and partners, but in some cases, it takes a significant toll on the relationship. A recent news article recounts the story of a 22-year marriage that faced substantial turmoil when a husband announced that he was voting for Trump this past election season. His Democratic wife realized this was a “deal breaker” and moved out of the home they shared.

Although it is said that opposites attract, it is no surprise that great turmoil exists when both parties have opposing political views. Especially when elections are as divisive as the one we just experienced in 2016, passion for a political viewpoint can result in conflict and even separation.

In order to best protect your marriage, or at least best handle the differences, here are some tips:

  1. Do not discuss politics when the other is around
  2. Limit political discussions to certain topics or certain times, such as when others are around
  3. Change the topic of discussion when it starts to go in the wrong direction
  4. If your partner begins to name call or yell, don’t join in
  5. Don’t try to shut down the other person, just walk away or remain quiet
  6. Be open-minded to the other person’s point of view
  7. Try to listen without interrupting
  8. Accept that you and your partner fundamentally disagree

There are areas of your life that can be impacted by having a difference of political views, which often impact your overall worldview. These areas can include:

  • What charities you donate to
  • Where you volunteer your time and talent
  • The way you parent your children
  • The type of residence you live in
  • What type of vehicle you drive

In some areas of life, compromise is the best option. If you and your spouse have decided that compromise is no longer an option, however, speak with a knowledgeable DeLand family lawyer from Buckmaster & Ellzey. Call us to schedule a case review to see how we can help you and your family!