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Child Support Shouldn’t Stop if Your Child Is Still in High School

Generally, the Clerk of Court will stop assessing child support when your child turns 18. However, if they will still be in high school after their 18th birthday, you can petition to have payments extended.

Under Florida Statute 743.07(2), support can continue if your child is reasonably on track to graduate before their 19th birthday. Payments will stop being assessed when your child graduates, but they cannot be extended if your child turns 19 while still in school.

Completing and Submitting the Affidavit

If the continuation conditions are met, you do not need a judge’s order to have payments extended. Rather, you, or both you and your ex, must submit an Affidavit of Continuing Child Support to the clerk. The affidavit must state that your child will still be in school after their 18th birthday and must include the expected graduation date. If you are submitting the affidavit without your ex, you must include official documentation that shows the date your child will graduate.

The affidavit must be notarized and signed by both you and your ex. However, if only you are submitting the petition, you must show that a copy of the documents have been given or mailed to your ex at their last known address.

Support Payments Extended

Upon receiving the affidavit and verifying that the continuation conditions have been met, the Clerk of Court will continue or reinstate the support assessment.

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